You could just use Jory straight out of the box (so to speak) and still blow away your competition, but where's the fun in that?


With our exclusive addons and business modules, you'll reach new levels of productivity; giving you the edge you're looking for to take your operation to the next level.


  • Clubs

Establish club shipments, memberships special pricing, and more! In addition to handling your shipping, membership lists, and pricing features, our Clubs module also allows you to automatically bill members, assign pickups instead of shipping, and "pre-flight" each and every shipment to guarantee that it's processed properly. Get an overview of the details to catch errors before they're problems, create picking lists, confirm shipping addresses, and process payments -- all automatically integrated with your e-commerce, billing, and enrollment modules.

  • Customer Management

Make shopping a truly personal experience for your customers! Collect, sort, and organize customer data, and even establish and assign customer groups! Apply discounts to customer groups, and create precision marketing campaigns by putting only the most relevant products in front of the most relevant customers.

  • Loyalty Programs

Let your customers leave their punch cards and key-fobs at home! Reward your customers for their shopping by going beyond punch-cards and club-programs! Track customer purchases and provide real rewards with custom settings that allow you to give your customers cash back, discounts, freebies, or make the rewards time-sensitive, set minimum/maximum purchase and even rebate amounts!


  • Barcodes

Make transactions as easy as possible by storing item-specific barcodes for faster processing and easier inventory counts. Scan and go!

  • Card Vault

Make it easier for your customers to shop! Our gateway can store your customers' cards in a secure, PCI-compliant environment so they can shop with a single click online or in-store safely and securely!

  • Discounts

If it changes the price of your products or services, it's done in Discounts! Discounts does it all across all channels - create storewide sales, put merch on clearance, reward club or group members, set up automatic discounts based on products or categories, include or exclude specific items or sales channels (online or in-store only), or just perform single-transaction discounts and edit prices on-the-fly. Manage employee permissions for role-based discount maximums.

  • E-Commerce

Take your store online and let your customers shop their way, in their time, anywhere they might be, anytime they get the urge! With E-Commerce, you'll get a mobile-friendly online store that's easy to set up and manage, customized to your store to reflect your brand and match your existing website. Or, if you don't have a website, you can even use the e-commerce module to set up a simple online presence for you! Once activated, you can set up which products or services are available for sale online vs. in-store; customers can add items to their cart for in-store pickup or delivery, as the e-commerce module directly integrates with our shipping module.

  • Gift Receipts

Help your customers share your merchandise with the world with a present-friendly gift-receipt that makes it easy and convenient to shop for others!

  • Multi-Store

As your business expands expand and grow with it! Set up a new location in seconds to keep your business connected across multiple channels.

  • Rain Checks

Never say no to a customer! Never lose a sale simply because you're out of stock, offer your guests a rain check and increase customer retention!

  • Register

Ring up sales, returns take orders...whatever your business, the register is your front-line point-of-sale to get things done.


  • Employees

Manage your team assign permissions, and create PIN codes for access!

  • Inventory

Manage your entire catalog of products and services across multiple locations with a wide range of attributes and unlimited variations, so you know exactly what you've got, and what you're selling.

  • Offline Mode

Jory goes where you go even if there's no internet connection! Perform transactions in offline mode, and when you reconnect, Jory will automatically update and sync with the rest of your operation!

  • Reports

All the information you need to know what and how your business is doing at all times, across all channels, and with all employees.

  • Shrinkage

Don't just write off losses really know what's happening with your inventory. Record broken items, giveaways, lost or stolen, or even undelivered goods so you can keep a better eye on your money and your products.

  • Timesheets

Make sure your employees' hours are accurately recorded to ensure proper payroll processing.

*premium modules require an additional monthly fee to access - contact your dealer for details!

"Jory gave me the option to do exactly as much as I need to for my business, right from the start. As I got more comfortable with the
software and my business started to grow, I could activate even more modules to accommodate my operation and continue
to grow. The more I do, the more I can do! Thanks, Jory!"

- Joseph Marseilles, owner, Stationary Station