Don't waste money on extra equipment, just download and install Jory on your existing iPad or iPhone and get crackin'! Your hardware is well-protected and easily accessible for quick transactions that let you spend more time with the customer, and less time fiddling with buttons.


workstation image

Workstation Enclosure

Made from industrial-grade plastic, the iPad mount point-of-sale terminal is designed to be used anywhere. With a small footprint and corrosion-resistant materials, it works as hard as you do, and looks good doing it!

Height: 10.75" Head Height: 10" Base Width: 8.75" Head Width: 12.75" Weight: 12 lbs.

Printer image


Our printer is an updated design on the old classic and connects wirelessly to your workstation and devices so you can keep it out of the way while still having it close at-hand.

Length: 6.85" Width: 5.67" Height: 4.88"

Cash drawer image

Cash Drawer

Sturdy, reliable, lockable... What more could you ask for? This low-tech throwback holds cash, coins, checks, and most any other kinds of transaction papers you need to keep safely locked and stored, yet easily accessible for your own needs.

Length: 13.8" Width: 11.8" Height: 4.5" Weight: 13.2 lbs.

Connection Ports: Standard printer driven interface (cable included, of course)

MP200 NFC and EMV Card Reader

Card Reader

Sleek, compact, wireless, and featuring card-swipe, EMV, and NFC capabilities (Apple Pay, Google Wallet), the MP200 delivers everything you'll ever need to take payments safely and securely.

Length: 5" Width: 2.75" Depth: 1".

Cash drawer image

Barcode Scanner

Lightweight and wireless, our incredibly durable barcode scanner gives you up to 10 straight hours of battery life per charge, to work just as long and as hard as you do. Connect easily via Bluetooth up to 330 ft. away, and work comfortably with an ergonomically-designed grip while you scan in sales or track your inventory.

Length: 5.2" Width: 1.77" Height: 1.49" Weight: 3.2 oz

"Being able to use my own iPad saved me a fortune in setup fees and equipment costs right out the gate! And the rest of the
equipment was easy to set up and get working in just minutes. Thanks Jory!"

- Joseph O'Brien, owner, 13 Oceans Bar and Grill