We could be like every other company out there and give you some fluff and smoke about how we're going to change the world, but we'd rather let our products do the talking for us. Just know that we're ready to back up any and every claim we do make. We stand by our software and, more importantly, our clients.

About Jory

The many layers of jory

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, our team has jory in the blood and is absolutely dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible above and beyond the point of sale. Every substrate of the company consists of the very best in their field, hand-picked to enrich and enliven your business to help you thrive wherever you're planted.

The name for the Jory brand is inspired by the Earth itself; The soil in the foothills that surround the Willamette Valley in Oregon, to be specific. Now, you might ask "Why name a business software service brand after dirt?" But what makes jory soil special is the combination of minerals and elements it contains that all come together to make an exceptionally special foundation for growth.

Similar to jory soil, Jory, LLC provides that same strong foundation for businesses to grow and thrive that is completely unique to any other point-of-sale system out there.

Our tagline of "Engage. Transact. Operate." tells our potential partners in a very straightforward way exactly what it is that Jory does. Customer engagement, commerce transactions, and the databased organization of all operations are the three fundamentals centralized around the Jory solution hub.

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"I'd heard a lot of claims from a lot of providers, so it took me a while to get onboard. But once
I got to dig in and put my hands on it, I found everything I was looking for from a business management system right
at my fingertips and easy to use."

-- Thomas Shika, manager, Impressive Imports, LLC