Jory Platforms

A Single Solution
As Big or Small as You Need It.

Beyond the point of sale

Jory is a lot of things to a lot of people… An improved mobile point-of-sale system that lets you help more people in less time; an inventory and catalogue management system that automatically updates across your operation, regardless of location; a comprehensive reporting system that tells you at a glance how your business is doing at any given time; all this and more… Or less! Jory takes your business to the next level your way in your time by being as much or as little as you need to be successful. So say hello to Jory, and say hello to a true omni-channel solution.



Say hello to improved interaction

Engage modules bring you and your customers together, letting you stay in closer contact to increase customer retention and repeat shoppers. Establish clubs, organize your clientele, and provide exclusive discounts and promotions, all through a single interface!

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Say hello to convenience

Jory's intuitive interface is built around the way you work so you and your employees can jump right in the second it's installed. Accept payments your way: Mobile Point-of-Sale, E-Commerce, Invoicing, Phone Orders. Jory is Apple Pay ready!

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Say hello to your data

Jory collects and organizes data across your whole business. Track and monitor budgets, sales trends, and manage your catalogue, employees, and accounting seamlessly through a single interface. You and your accountant never had it easier!

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Seamless Business Integration

At the end of the day, it all comes down to you; the dreamers, the doers, the ones who make it all happen. We've gathered feedback from countless small and medium-sized businesses owners who told us what they want, what they need, and everything in between, and then we made it happen in Jory. Built with your input, designed the way you work, and customizable to suit your needs, Jory is the point-of-sale and business management system you have been waiting for. As much or as little as you need, whenever and wherever you need it, say hello to Jory, and say hello to success.